Thursday, January 19, 2012


Trust - Kat and her team have to trust each other throughout the heist that everyone will follow the plan.

Independence - in the beginning of the book, Kat tries to separate herself from the thieves of her family, so that she can become more independent and be "normal". However she learns that she cannot remain independent and is drawn back into the family.

Family - Family plays a huge role throughout the novel. Kat has an extended family, all involved in the con business, and must continue to perform heists, as her family would expect. Her family has a reputation for being wealthy and smart so Kat must also carry this on. Throughout the book there are examples of how Uncle Eddie was the head if the family and what he says, goes. No one argues with Uncle Eddie. There is somewhat of a3 hierarchy in the Bishop family, but the work together great as a team.

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